How To Fix: Virtual machine cannot start – The security ID structure is invalid (0x80070539)


When importing a virtual machine into my Hyper-V host I was having some difficulty starting the newly imported VM. After much research online I found the solution to this problem is the new Hyper-V host cannot import an invalid security structure which is part of the import of the virtual machine.

To easily fix this error:

  1. Open PowerShell as Administrator.
  2. Run: Grant-VMConnectAccess -VMName “Name of VM that is errored out.” -UserName “Domain and username of the current user

For an example, I had an error that my pfSense VM was not starting after import. I ran this command:

Grant-VMConnectAccess -VMName "pfSense" -UserName ".\Administrator"

I hope this solves your problems of starting your imported VM. If it does not, please leave a comment below.

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