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TV Everywhere Channel List


Below is a list of TV-Everywhere enabled channels supported by Philo and YouTube TV. Should you use one of these streaming services and add them into the Channels DVR Server ( this is what you should expect to see content-wise available in your DVR server. Updated 07-25-2020 Channels Philo Youtube TV Comedy Central ✔ ✔ MTV ✔ ✔ VH-1 ✔ ✔ CMT ✔ ✔ BET ✔ ✔ TV LAND ✔ ✔ PARAMOUNT ✔ ✔ USA NETWORK ✔ CNBC ✔ MSNBC ✔ SYFY ✔ E ✔ OXYGEN ✔ BRAVO ✔...

Installing pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V


Installing pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V If you need to install pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V, you may be having some difficulty. Have you ever wanted to create a pfSense VM on your OVH host but had troubles getting the internet connection fixed? OVH uses failover IP’s that have to be manually activated in order for a successful internet connection to be established. The easiest way to do this is through the pfSense shell and the pfSense plugin named Shellcmd.  Installing pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V can be difficult but after this guide has been followed and executed, you will have your...

How To Remove Old CentOS Kernel images


When you update CentOS and there is a new kernel CentOS will install the new kernel but not remove the old kernel, this can become problematic when you have a very small /boot partition so it is a good idea to remove the old kernels that are no longer needed. Please note that if you have a large /boot partition it is not necessary to delete the old kernels. Before deleting any of your old kernels make sure that you are booted onto the latest installed kernel. We can see the available space in the /boot mount by executing df -h /boot/ [root@centos]# df -h /boot/ Filesystem Size Used Avail Use%...

How To Fix: Virtual machine cannot start – The security ID structure is invalid (0x80070539)


When importing a virtual machine into my Hyper-V host I was having some difficulty starting the newly imported VM. After much research online I found the solution to this problem is the new Hyper-V host cannot import an invalid security structure which is part of the import of the virtual machine. To easily fix this error: Open PowerShell as Administrator. Run: Grant-VMConnectAccess -VMName “Name of VM that is errored out.” -UserName “Domain and username of the current user“ For an example, I had an error that my pfSense VM was not starting after import. I ran this...

Hyper-V Linux Integration Service on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


If you are running a hyper-v server with an Ubuntu 16.04 guest, it is beneficial to install the Linux Integration Services (LIS). This is comparable to VMware tools which provides a connection between the host and the VM for proper reboots etc. To enable this on your guest operating system we need to edit the module files located in: nano /etc/initramfs-tools/modules Once you are in nano add the following to the end of the file: hv_vmbus hv_storvsc hv_blkvsc hv_netvsc Save the file. Next we are going to install the linux virtual tools and reinitialize the modules file. apt-get install ...

Installing NextCloud on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Apache2, Lets Encrypt, Redis and APCu


NextCloud is an open source fork of ownCloud that has gone completely FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software), the significant difference being ownCloud is closed source with two pricing models, wheras NextCloud is open source. The NextCloud developers value their users. I recommend hosting this on a VPS with more than 100GB’s of storage or a dedicated server since the whole point of NextCloud is to be like Dropbox and save your files the more storage the better while the minimum storage requirement is 20GB. NextCloud Requirements: 1Ghz CPU 1GB Ram 20GB HDD Even though a 20GB disk would be...

Enable Tun/Tap in a Proxmox LXC Container


If you are trying to install OpenVPN onto a Proxmox LXC container and the install keeps failing, its due to the module not being activated on the Proxmox node. To correct the problem, login to your ROOT Proxmox node, (Not the LXC container) and edit the default configuration file for all LXC containers. If you don’t want to enable this feature for all LXC containers (including future ones) you can edit just the config of that specific VM.   The default config file for all VM’s is located at: /etc/lxc/default.conf VM specific config files are located at:...

Modern GUI For Transmission Daemon


So the old transmission web-gui is pretty outdated and not that good looking, after browsing around on the internet I found this new GUI that has way more features and is more visually pleasing.
So to install it you just execute these commands:

Here is what the gui will look like after install.

Install Transmission on Ubuntu Server


Transmission is one of the most widely used bittorrent client that most linux servers and seedboxes use. This guide will show you how to install this software on your own linux server, instead of paying a company a premium to set this up for you. There are few very simple steps on setting this up properly, please follow the guide accordingly and you will have no problems getting this set up and running. To read more about the details of Transmission, take a look at their website: Transmission ( Depending on your version of Ubuntu, you may or may not have the python-software...

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