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Installing pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V


Installing pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V If you need to install pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V, you may be having some difficulty. Have you ever wanted to create a pfSense VM on your OVH host but had troubles getting the internet connection fixed? OVH uses failover IP’s that have to be manually activated in order for a successful internet connection to be established. The easiest way to do this is through the pfSense shell and the pfSense plugin named Shellcmd. ¬†Installing pfsense on OVH ESXi Hyper-V can be difficult but after this guide has been followed and executed, you will have your...

How To Remove Old CentOS Kernel images


When you update CentOS and there is a new kernel CentOS will install the new kernel but not remove the old kernel, this can become problematic when you have a very small /boot partition so it is a good idea to remove the old kernels that are no longer needed. Please note that if you have a large /boot partition it is not necessary to delete the old kernels. Before deleting any of your old kernels make sure that you are booted onto the latest installed kernel. We can see the available space in the /boot mount by executing df -h /boot/ [root@centos]# df -h /boot/ Filesystem Size Used Avail Use%...

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